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Wimpole Woodland walk

Walk Location: 

There are so many walks to choose from around the Wimpole Estate. This one is very close to, indeed it overlaps slightly with the one named "Great Eversden and the Mare Way".

Follow signs from the A603 to Wimpole Hall - a National Trust property - but go past the entrance to the Hall and carry on past the farm, over a small bridge and up the hill to the woods at the top. There is a footpath sign (pictured below) to the Wimpole Woodland walk off to the left, and you can usually park close to it.

You can just explore the nearby woods, but if you fancy a 3- to 4-mile walk you can also do a full circuit around Wimpole Hall and return to your car along the footpath which emerges on the opposite side of the road. The link to the EveryTrail map will show you the route I took.

If you do go into the delightful parkland around the hall, there are usually sheep grazing in some areas, be prepared to use a lead!