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West Wycombe Estate and Toweridge

Walk Location: 

Start on Hillbottom Road, High Wycombe (near the football ground). On the right as you go towards the football ground there is a public footpath signposted between two factories. Take this.
At the gate at the top of the footpath, turn left and walk along parallel to the road you just left.
Stay with the lower path, through two gates, down a narrow gap between bushes and out into a field.
Follow the hedge to your right. Ignore a big gap into a field, and take the small pathway that leads down three stairs onto a bridle path.
Follow the bridle path for ten yards or so uphill then turn left up the stairs into the woods.
Follow the woodland path, across one cross roads, into some beautiful open parkland.
The path through the parkland is clear and takes you back into some woods after about five minutes (this is a good place to see deer).
Follow the path up through the woods till it meets an unmade road. Turn right up the road.
At the top of the road their is a wonderful view between some hedges to your left (and an ugly pylon on your right).
Follow the road round to the right, past some nice houses.
Their is a marvellous view down to West Wycombe house through a gap in the woods at one point.
When you come to a house on your left (watch out for the mud) take the turn to your left, rather than going straight ahead down the hill.
Follow the path along the ridge till you come to a gate. Turn right down to another gate. This brings you back into the field close to where you started. Turn left and follow the path diagonally down the hill till you come to the path between the factories where you started.

It's amazing how beautiful and deserted this walk is, considering it starts in an industrial estate thirty miles from London. Lots of variations are possilbe.