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Teversham to Wilbraham Fen

Walk Location: 

Teversham is a village to the east of Cambridge, near Cherry Hinton. And to the east of Teversham, between it and the villages of Great and Little Wilbraham, is a wonderful area of fields and fenland, where you can walk for miles...

Explore the area - there may well be better starting points than the one I've chosen - feel free to add comments below if you know a better one - but I started from a footpath at Ferndale, half-way between Teversham and Fulbourn.

OS grid ref. TL 505 575

A path goes NE alongside a stream (Caudle Ditch) and between hedges for just under a mile before reaching Little Wilbraham River, which, at least in the spring, is not much more than a ditch either, but with clear flowing water which was greatly appreciated by my spaniel on a hot day!

Paths go both left and right along the bank of the river, and you can cross to the other side, but you'll need to go at least half a mile in either direction to reach a bridge.

I'll go back and explore from the Wilbraham end at some point soon!



Lovely walk today...

Tried this walk for the first time today with family and our labrador Buddy, really enjoyed it - only met one other dog and walker for 3 miles. Would definitely do again and maybe cross the bridge and go a bit further next time.

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