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Magog Down

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Magog Down is a trust-maintained site which has been laid out with dog-walkers in mind (though it also offers a great deal for those without dogs).

Hills are rare around here, which means that this one has wonderful views. The central 'peak' is a large meadow which is excellent for kite-flying etc; dogs do need to be on a lead here. But all around the perimeter are paths where you can let dogs run off the lead, safe in the knowledge that the well-maintained fencing won't let them run out into the road.

There's a good car park, and you can also park at Wandlebury and (carefully) cross the dual-carriageway.




Great place to see and hear skylarks. They nest in the long grass on the carpark side of the hill - so do be careful to observe the on-lead rules in this large meadow area.

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