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Harmondsworth Moor, near Heathrow

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It's always a surprise to find somewhere nice near Heathrow Airport, but Harmondsworth Moor certainly qualifies.

This is an area of park, ponds, rivers and bridges, maintained by British Airways because it's on the doorstep of their corporate HQ. But it's only a few minutes from the terminals and so very handy if you've, say, just dropped somebody off and need a place for some exercise before hitting the motorway.

There are some playground/fitness-type things here too, so it might be a good place for children as well as dogs to get some exercise.

It's worth noting that the easiest way to get here is *not* from Harmondsworth village, though you can. (Moor Lane has bollards just before it meets Accommodation Lane. I parked there and walked in along a little footpath near the entrance to Saxon Way trading estate.)

But a better way is to go up Accommodation Lane, and there are a couple of car parks on the left.

(For humans, by the way, there are signposts to toilets, near the main car park, but these were very definitely out of order when I visited.)

Overall, this is a great place, and I'm sure we'll be going back. Hopefully with a bit more sunshine.