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Harlton to Barrington

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There are footpaths which go over the hills from the little village of Harlton, just off the A603, to Barrington village green. You could start in either place - I describe a walk from Harlton here, going to Barrington and back, which takes about one and a half to two hours.

Park in Harlton. There aren't very many obvious places, but once you find one you want to take the path just to the left of the pub, near the village notice board. Go through the gate labelled 'Rod's Walk' and follow the path uphill between trees until you come to wide wooded area - a sort of bowl shape.

Climb the slope at the other side and go slightly to the right and you should be able to find a footpath which carries on away from Harlton, almost due south, in an extension of the woodland. You can see an aerial view here.

You'll reach a path which runs east-west. If you could actually go straight ahead here, you'd fall into the enormous quarry of Barrington cement works, but there aren't many spots from which it's visible. Turn right to follow the path westward through the wood.

After a while you'll reach a sort of footpath crossroads. One path goes to the right, across fields and back to the village, so if you'd like to turn back at this point, that's a good route. If not, you'll be taking it later anyway.

Continue ahead as the path meanders through the wood until a left turn takes you across a little bridge and out into the field. Follow the path along trees at the right hand side of the field. It bends to the right around the end of the trees and then left again across the field to meet the farm road near the Wilsmere Farm buildings.

Turn right (W) for a short way along this road until a footpath goes left (S) across the middle of the field towards a small wooded area. The path goes around the left of this wood and ahead along the side of a couple of fields before going into the wood ahead of you. Eventually this becomes a path between gardens, and then emerges amongst cottages on to the village green, which you can explore if you want to!

Turn left and left again by the cottages up a bridleway which will bend around to the right and eventually become more of a road (Back Lane). At this point, turn left, through a gate, where the footpath is signposted back to Harlton.

Go straight ahead until you reach the farm buildings and the farm road where you were earlier.

From here you're really retracing your steps: go up the hill on the path ahead of you, bending to the right briefly as it goes around the trees until you cross the little bridge into the wood at the top of the hill. Turn right and follow the path through the wood until you reach the 'crossroads'. This time, turn left across the open fields down towards Harlton village. When the path reaches the farm buildings, this might be a good time to put the dog on the lead. Following the footpath markers, urn left through the gate into a field which sometimes contains cows, and then right through another into the farm yard. Apparently there are sometimes free-range chickens here.

Cross the yard and you'll come back to the main High St through Harlton.