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Gun's Lane - Histon to Westwick

Walk Location: 

There are some nice footpaths going north-west from Histon towards Westwick/Oakington.

We parked on Cottenham Road, just after Barrowcrofts, where the public footpath sign visible in one of the photos declares that this is 'Gun's Lane'.

William the Conqueror passed this way a little while ago. A pleasant path between fields, it goes for a mile or so before hitting Oakington Road, where you can turn left if you want to do a circular route. Fortunately, you no longer have to walk along the road itself, because a grassy footpath goes along the edge of the field for a couple of hundred yards and then turns left away from the road to skirt around Westwick Farm, before joining another path roughly parallel to the original one, which will take you back across the fields alongside a culvert. About halfway back, it takes a slight fork to the right, crossing the culvert, and joining a wide gravel track leading back to a Park Lane. (Another photo shows the view back along that track).

Now, here I wasn't too sure about public rights of way. You can walk along the road, turning left at Bell Hill, Church St and Clay St and this will bring you back to your starting point. There are also paths alongside the street which run across fields, through woods etc but they weren't clearly marked so I wasn't sure how welcome our presence would be!

A pleasant walk, especially if you have better weather than we did!