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Girton to Histon woods

Walk Location: 

There are three recently-planted small woods within easy walking distance here - Girton Wood, Histon Wood, and one in the middle whose name I don't know!

If you park at the recreation ground in Girton, as marked on the map, you need to have your dog on the lead to cross the ground to a gap between trees in the far left corner. Cross another small field (keeping to the left side) and you'll get to the corner of Girton Wood. Paths go through the wood diagonally and around the edge (as can be seen on the map if you switch to Satellite view).

From the far diagonal corner, a long straight path goes north-east to a second small wood, and finally, beyond that, to Histon Wood, next to the guided bus track.

An alternative place to start the walk from the Girton end is to park in Manor Farm Road, where you'll see a public footpath sign to Histon. This will take you, initially, to the middle of the three woods.

Here's a map of some of the paths on EveryTrail:
Girton and Histon Woods at EveryTrail



Girton/Histon woods walk

Hi Quentin in your description of this walk you suggest parking at the recreation ground in Histon but it should be Girton.


Thanks Sarah - now fixed!

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