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Friston Forest

Walk Location: 

We live in Seaford, so the forest is just a few minutes away.
There are several places to park, the one shown is the closest to the A259.
Coming from the west, go over the bridge at Exceat and then take the next left. The car park is a few yards up on the right.There is also a second car park half a mile further on, it has toilets.
The forest can also be accessed from the other side. Take the left turn at Friston, then the car park is about a mile on the left. These are all Pay & Display.
You can see the amount of paths there are and I reckon that it is possible to walk for over 20 miles hardly using the same path twice. These are very clear on Google Earth.
The is a reasonable pub at Exceat, a chain, but with great views over Cuckmere Haven.
There is an area where you can bring a dog into.
Walking though the forest to the North East you can get to Jevington, where there is a great dog friendly pub with excellent food.
There are often horses in the open area North East of where Friston Hall is marked, they are privately owned gallops.
There are also a lot of bike trails in the forest, so watch out for high speed cyclists!
I don't think we have found any better forest for dogs in the UK yet!!

Derek & Kathy




Lovely - many thanks!

I used to visit this area a lot as I had an aunt who lived in East Dean, but I hadn't found this.

Don't get there so often these days, but my spaniel and I will be sure to check it out when we do - I love this area.

Thanks for your post!


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