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Camel trail - Wadebridge to Padstow

Walk Location: 

We walked the Wadebridge to Padstow section of the Camel trail.
It's a really lovely walk along the estuary with great views. It is heavily used by cyclists but if you do it off-peak or early in the morning its brilliant for an easy middle distance walk.
We parked up in Wadebridge by the river in a small car park in a residential area (on map)then walked back through the town and then onto the main stretch. There are public toilets by the bike hire place.
The trail is dotted with picnic benches and bird hides and keep an eye out for the viewpoints up on the hills that the cyclists can't get to.
Obviously we timed our walk to get into Padstow just as Rick Stein's fish and chips opened! Its in the habour area on the left as you enter the Town. A bit pricey but soooo worth it.
Padstow itself is nice to walk aroun and is fairly dog friendly.
We got the bus back to Wadebridge (with the dog). The bus goes from behind the fish and chip shop but if you get stuck just ask at the Tourist information centre in the habour.

For info - this is what the council say:
Please take a bag with you and use the dog waste bins provided at Guineaport and Padstow.
Dog owners, please stop your dog bothering other trail users, wildlife and adjoining landowners' stock. We want you to keep your dog under control - if this means you have to keep it on a lead please do so.
Do not cycle with your dog- it is very dangerous

The trail also runs out the other way to Bodmin but we didn't do that bit, but we did go to Bodmin with the dog. The historic jail allows dogs in but only the best behaved dogs and bravest owners should try it as there are lots of narrow stairs and dark dungeons! They also serve nice food there.