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Q. Why aren't there any walks in my area?

Because you and your friends haven't contributed any yet! Why not sign up? It's very easy… and tell other local dog-owners.

Q. What sort of walks are suitable?

Anywhere, really - After all, you may think that the park at the end of your road is nothing particularly special and that everybody knows about it anyway, but what about the person visiting your area for the first time? Or on holiday? Or dog-sitting for a friend?

Q. But I don't have any nice photos!

That doesn't matter. You can always add them later, and in the future we'll allow others to contribute photos as well. It's much more important just to stick a pin in the map telling people there's a good walk here than it is to have every detail to make the perfect page!

Q. Can I link to walks elsewhere?

Yes, that's a very good idea. There are many walks described on places like EveryTrail and you could link to them on a walk page, then add information about their suitability for dog walkers.

Q. What's your editorial policy?

Please be nice, cheery, helpful and polite. We are keen to keep the quality of content on Wagipedia high and, though we believe in minimal interference, we do reserve the right to edit or delete anything, whether just to fix typos or for more serious reasons.

Q. Can my dog contribute to this site?

Only if he has a woof-to-text recognition system.

Q. I've got problems/suggestions. Whom should I contact?

For now, please use the contact form. Eventually, we'll add discussions, forums, etc.

Q. Is it true that 'On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog'?

Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from dog-related websites. It just means there aren't so many of them around.