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About Wagipedia

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I had lived in Cambridge for twenty-something years and I thought I knew my way around pretty well. I loved long walks in the countryside and nearby villages.

And then we got a puppy.

Suddenly I realised that the places I had gone for walks in the past weren't necessarily the best places to take dogs, and that there were a whole range of really good dog-walking places that I had never discovered.

And so I created Wagipedia, in the hope of helping those who had recently become dog-owners, or recently moved to a new area, or who were just travelling and in need of a 'comfort break'.

This site will be built by you! Please contribute your local expert knowledge by adding new walks and commenting helpfully on existing ones. Gradually, I hope this site will expand to include other information, discussion groups, and so forth, but let's begin with walkies!

You can get started right now by requesting an account if you don't have one, or logging in if you do! Encourage your dog-owning friends to join in!

Many thanks for your help!

Quentin Stafford-Fraser